This website is a central repository for information about the silky sifaka.  Since 2001, projects have focused on behavioral ecology, communication, and conservation. Volunteer field research assistantships are occasionally replica bags

Silky sifakas (Propithecus candidus) are amongst the rarest mammals on earth, and are listed as one of the World’s Top 25 Most Critically Endangered Primates. Global population size is roughly estimated between only 300 and 2000 total remaining individuals. They are only found within a few protected areas in the rainforests of north-eastern Madagascar: Marojejy National ParkAnjanaharibe-Sud Special Reserve, and the Makira Conservation Site. Silky sifakas are the flag-ship species for these protected areas, particularly for Marojejy which has recently been inaugurated as part of a World Heritage Site Cluster. Silky sifakas have never survived in captivity probably due to their highly specialized folivorous diet.